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Wednesday 2/17/21

The Board

The Mobility

The Strength

  • You will do 3 DL, then rest the remainder of the 0:30 – on the next set you will do 3 SDL, then rest the remainder of the 0:30
  • You will alternate back and fourth for 10 rounds (or 5 minutes)
  • REST 2 MINUTES then repeat
  • The weight you use should be about 45-50% of your DL 1 rep max (if you know this number).  Shouldn’t be max loading.
  • Any downtime can be spent warming up your upper body for the WOD overhead movements.


  • This WOD starts on the rower.  Because we will need to run heats in the larger classes, you must be done with your row by 3:30.  If you didn’t finish yet, scale back.
  • Take the time to work on your row form.  You can find some common flaws and corrections in THIS VIDEO

The Finisher




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