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Wednesday 2/24/21

Thoracic Mobility Work-Shop

Your thoracic spine is an area we see most people are very ineffective at moving. This area should be mobile and easy to move, but few people are that. If you don’t have good thoracic mobility, then you need to compensate other areas when trying to get into a good position with your arms overhead.

  • Got pain in you shoulder with overhead lifting? Think thoracic mobility!
  • Got pain in your low back when you reach up? Think thoracic mobility!
  • Not catching your breath, having abdominal cramps, or side stitches during the WOD? Think thoracic mobility!


Wednesday: The Board

The Mobility

Chest Opener

Standing Quad Stretch

Bone Saw Calf Smash

Station #1

5 sets, 5 reps on a 2:00 loop

Station #2

Station #3

5 Rounds at higher reps, final 4 rounds reps decrease

Double Under Tips… 

The Finisher

4 x 20




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