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Wednesday 6/9/21

Important Covid Updates

(updated 6/5/21)


The Board

The Mobility

Station 1

9 minute AMRAP

Station 2

Following a 2:00 Loop

  • Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Step-Ups. Use a box (not the bench) or some plates that work well for you
  • No Score for this station

Station 3

9 minute AMRAP

Murph made for A LOT of cringing with terrible push-up form.  Please re-visit this video and actually take the time to do the reps correctly.

Key Take Aways…

  • Your chest AND Hips must move.  Your hips DO NOT stay in one place while just your chest moves up and down.
  • Your elbows should not be in one straight line, like a bird.  It like squatting on your toes, and so bad for you!
  • If your nipples are not hitting the ground, it is NOT full range of motion.  Aim for just the nipples, not the belly button, not the thighs.
  • SCALE, SCALE, SCLAE to perform them correctly!

V-Ups/SL V-Ups

The Finisher

CS Row & Lat Pull Down

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