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Wednesday 7/21/21

The Board

Buckle up, this is a good one!  Your strength is a build to a heavier SDLHP weight for the WOD.  See below for WOD details as it reads a bit different than our usual WODs.

The Mobility

Groin Smash with KB

Low Back Mobility

Low Back with Peanut

The Warm-Up

Runners Stretch

Supine Scorpions


Your strength is a build to a heavier SDLHP weight for the WOD.  Use your time to come up with a plan for the 20 minutes to follow.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP)

Active Rest SHOULD HAVE read  – Low Body Russian Twists.  Windshield Wipers are with a Barbell, but the weight on the SDLHP will be too much to do WW.  Perform LBRT instead.

Low Body Russian Twist


Buckle up, this is a good one!

  • This WOD almost has 2 parts… a 20 minute Every Minute on the Minute and 80 Ab Mat Sit-Ups for Time….
  • You are trying to get your ab mat sit-ups complete, but you will only be able to eek out just a few reps between the EMOM work.
  • Choose a rep scheme that will get you to Ab Mat Sit-Ups at the beginning of the WOD, but don’t be surprised if you will just want the rest as you get deeper into the work-out and worry about the sit-ups when the EMOM is complete.
  • You will do the EMOM for only 20 minutes (haha), but you will have 3 additional minutes to time cap to get your AMSU done at the end if you need to.
  • Your score is the time on the clock after your Ab Mat Sit-Ups are complete.
  • If you were not able to hang on for all 20 Rounds, your score will be the successful number of rounds complete before you failed. For example:  If you were able to do 14 rounds, but on round 15 you couldn’t complete the given work, your score at the end would be 14 / your AMSU time / category.  
  • If you happen to finish the AMSU before the 20 minute EMOM is over, note the time on the clock, but you still must finish off the 20 minute EMOM.


The Finisher

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