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Wednesday 9/29/21

The Board


The Mobility

Wall Slides

The Warm-Up

Tap Swings & Tap Swing Pulls

Scapular Pull-Ups

Medicine Ball Squat Toss


  • You will spend 1:00 doing each movement, then move to the next listed on the board.
  • You will have 0:30 to transition to the next station
  • You will complete the entire list 4 times

For Example:

Minute 1: Row as many calories as possible – 0:30 to transition

Minute 2: As many Wall Balls as possible- 0:30 to transition

  • You will count your total reps as you move your way through and come up with one big number at the end.

For the Shuttle….

  • You will count each 15m sprint as 1 Rep

The Finisher

Step-Ups – holding a dumbbell in each hand, at your sides.  Think of driving through the foot on top of the box, rather than pushing off the foot on the floor

Low Ab Leg Raises – on a bench

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